Friday, August 08, 2008

After-work reunion in Osaka

Normally after work, I hurry home on the train while reading one of my books on the train and time flies. Today after work I tried to hurry to the Weekly Green in Daikokucho, while staring at my book and totally not absorbing any of the normally very interesting words. I was just too excited to see my mom, my brother and my stepdad! The short trip on the train and walk to the hotel seemed to last indescribably long, but finally being able to hug my family again (in Japan!) was the best reward ever. Unfortunately, I have to work one more day tomorrow, so we just went for a quick dinner at Shirokiya around the corner.
Shirokiya is my favorite izakaya and I got to share some of my favorite dishes with my family while catching up over drinks. I got to show off my meager Japanese skills while ordering food and Gy and Gui got to slurp their miso soups so loudly that they received several thumbs up from the guys sitting at the next table. After giving my parents a quick lesson on how to use the Osaka subway system, I took Gyano home with me to Tsukamoto.


Louise said...

Voor het eerst dat ik je daadwerkelijk een beetje japans hoorde praten met echte japannertjes. Het eten was ook erg lekker! Het weerzien was echter het beste heej!!!

Gyano said...

Hey hey Loutje, ik dacht laat ik eens kijken wat er nou zo speciaal is hier:P
Best wel leuk;)
xxx Gyano(H)

Louana said...

Ja he! Misschien moet je maar eens wat vaker komen kijken en dan zeker weer een berichtje achter laten! xx