Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sushi & kushi party

After several exhausting hours of shopping in Eindhoven, we headed home because there was a sushi & kushi party on the menu for tonight. As soon as I arrived in the Netherlands Gui asked me to cook Japanese with him this week. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find Japanese ingredients here, and I didn’t know about his wild plans until I left Japan, so I didn’t bring anything from Japan either. But luckily, Gy and I did manage to find panko crumbs, instant tempura batter, nori sheets, wasabi, shoyu, rice vinegar and sushi rice in that store where we bought the mussels earlier this week. So instead of Gui and I cooking Japanese we just had a small do-it-yourself party.

We couldn’t find any raw fish except of course raw herring (a Dutch treat), but that tasted pretty weird in a sushi hand roll. But the cucumber and surimi (fake crab) rolls tasted just like in Japan. The kushi were all very good, we cut up some meat and fish to be dipped in the tempura batter and next in the panko crumbs before being fried in the fondue pan. I especially liked the frikandel kushi, which is a very popular Dutch sausage made out of cow utters among many other trash meat things. Souns good, doesn't it?

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