Sunday, July 06, 2008

Solo kaitenzushi

After steps I was hungry and Yasu wasn’t coming here until later, so I decided to go to a kaitenzushi place in Tsukamoto by myself. I love Kurazushi, where I’ve been a few times with Yasu, a nice, clean and modern place with delicious sushi and more. But the place in Tsukamoto is Sushiro, which is actually Yasu’s favorite chain. They seated me at the ‘bar’ with all the other losers there by themselves, because they saved the booth for the families and larger groups. Seriously, I have no problem eating out solo in Japan, I do it everyday workday for lunch and with me hundreds of salary men, so it’s quite normal here.

The sushi wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as good as Kurazushi and the whole restaurant seemed older, they weren’t even using the (these days standard) computer screens to order stuff you can’t find on the conveyor belt, here they still had the rackety intercom boxes where you order verbally. It was extremely noisy and annoying. The selection of sushi going round the restaurant wasn’t as good as Kurazushi’s either, especially when you’re dependent on the belt because you don’t know what to say to the intercom. Initially, I was very excited to discover a sushi-go-round near my house, but I don’t think I’ll actually be returning here though.

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