Friday, May 30, 2008

Quality time with my mother and brother

Today I spent the whole day with my dear mother and brother… in Belgium. My mom arranged a surprise for me in the morning, which happened to take place in nearby Belgium, and the plan was to hang out some more in that country afterwards. The surprise was a visit to our old beautician for a nice 1-hour facial treatment, to make us all prettier and relaxed (it includes a nice facial massage). I used to go to this beautician too, but after we moved away from the country I decided I’d be in charge of my own beauty. My mom still continues to go there once in a while, and it was fun to see the women that still work there and catch up a bit.

We lived in Belgium for nearly ten years, and we never liked it, consequently we were very happy to move back to the Netherlands in 2006. But of course in those 10 years we did encounter a few things in that country that we did like: huge cinemas complexes and Belgian fries. And the plan was to stay in Belgium to enjoy those things after the beautician visit, but the movie didn’t start until hours later… It was lunchtime and we were hungry, but after a morning’s exposure to Belgium, and knowing we were going to spend a couple of more hours there later we felt it would be a better idea to have lunch amongst the Dutchies just across the border. So we did. Lunch was wonderful, we ate some delicious food, did a good amount of people watching, and most importantly we caught up on a lot of things going on in our lives and some juicy gossip! Living in Japan makes it harder to do that, especially with Gy because we don’t speak frequently speak to each other online, but me and my mom do, so she keeps me up to date.

After lunch it was time to return to Belgium for a movie in Hasselt. We chose a comedy named ‘Over her dead body’, which I found totally hilarious, I laughed so hard at times I must have embarrassed Gy and my mom. Of course, we ordered the obligatory nachos with cheese sauce and peppers to enjoy during the movie, which were lovely, but after our big Dutch lunch I was starting to get full. And we were still planning to eat a bag of Belgian fries after we saw the movie. Of course we weren’t really hungry after the movie, but we figured this would be my last chance to eat Belgian fries, as I’ll be going back to Japan next week and going back to Belgium again before then is just not done. We tried to postpone the fried potato eating as much as we could and bought the fries at the last possible snackbar almost on the border with the Netherlands. When they ladled the salty fries into the bag, I was reminded of how huge the portions here in Belgium are. I mean the portions in my own country are big compared to Japan, but in Belgium the portions are American-style: absolutely too big to consume. It’s true the fries combined with the Belgian lemon mayonnaise were really tasty, but with lunch and nachos still swimming around in our bellies we couldn’t really enjoy our greasy dinner and ended up throwing most of it away.

We ate so much today that we probably won’t need to eat again this week. But we had a great day with just the three of us, we had a lot of fun and I laughed so hard I think my voice is going hoarse. I wish I could come home more often to spend some more of this kind of quality time with them. Thanks for a great day!


Louise said...

Was inderdaad quality time heej... ff lekker met ons drietjes, beetje bijkleppen, beetje samenzijn zoals vroeger... dat mag inderdaad vaker gebeuren maar ja, ik heb zon dochter die zo nodig naar het buitenland wil!
Errug lekker gegeten en wat die frietjes betreft, dat hebben we later in de week beter gedaan!!
Nog een paar weekjes en dan mogen wij rond gaan zwalken in Japan... heb er ontzettend veel zin in!!!
DVK XXXXXXXX je moemie.

Minke said...

Wat een mooie, frisse gezichtjes hebben jullie hier op de foto! Wat een fijne dag zo samen!