Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pit 11

We like to motivate our students to do study English at home too, so we keep track of students’ home studies with a race track running through the hallway (on the wall) on which students have their own little racecar. And above the track are pictures of the teachers holding some kind of message. And this is what I look like at the side of the road cheering on my students:

Of course my location would be pit # 11, which is the crazy number, like 7 is the lucky number and 13 the unlucky number. I wondered why 11 is the crazy number and looked it up and it I found that 11 is one less than 12, which is the perfect number, meaning you’re just not perfect, making you crazy by default… Guess which day I was born? That’s right on the eleventh (of August), so I’ve been bonkers my entire life.

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Minke said...

Wat een leuk idee, met een hele leuke foto hihi!