Friday, June 06, 2008

New school, new rules

The company I work for has rules about blogging and as a happy employee, who would like to keep working for this company, I abide by these rules. The rules are a bit different here though. I’m allowed to post pictures of coworkers and students but I’m not allowed to post their real names… Now, blogging is mostly storytelling and it’s hard to tell a story if you have to keep referring to that guy who did such and such and the girl with the pigtails pictured in the bottom image holding a rice bowl. So I’ll have to come up with surrogate names, so any students and coworkers featured on my blog from now on are all renamed with (sometimes ridiculous and old-fashioned) Dutch names. For example, if I had to rename myself I could go by Lien or Lijsbeth… Well, let’s just say I’m glad I don’t need to keep my own name a secret, so please just keep calling me Lou. The renaming is a bit of a challenge, but hey at least I get to post pictures of students again and that makes up for everything!
July 17 edit:
Yesterday, someone from Honbu visited me at school to tell me more about the rules they are in the midst of developing regarding blogging. It's still a bit confusing to me, but I'm going to try my best to adjust my blog to the new rules (in the making). So the company name is going to dissapear from the blog and instead I'll be referring to my school as just 'school', from now on. Also, the renaming with Dutch names won't be necessary anymore, so that'll make it easier for you non-Dutch readers. And unfortunately, pictures of students is yet again a no-no.


Brianna said...

Hey, Lou! Good to know about blogging and posting photos. I started a blog to document my preparations for going to Japan and my adventures while I'm there:

Check it out if you get the chance!
Good luck with training - looks like you are having fun so far.

Brianna said...

Oops, sorry - my blog is:

Minke said...

I was just getting excited about this re-naming thing;), Ineke;). hihi

Louana said...

Rules for renaming: New name must start with the same letter as the original name and it must be listed as a Dutch name in the bog book of international names I found online. Your name starts with an M, so you'd never be Ineke on this blog, sorry babe!