Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And the updating has begun...

Finally! After a long battle of bureaucratic paperwork and tiring calls to Leopalace central, internet finally started working last Saturday in my new Osaka apartment. So I've started the massive task of updating my blog on the last month... Due to the month-long lack of internet my other internet activities haven't received their adequate amount of attention either, so I also have a ton of emails to work through, hundreds of blogposts by other bloggers to read, dozens of episodes of online shows to watch and a myriad of pictures left to upload onto my Flickr account. It's all going to take a while, but at least I’m getting started on it:
Update July 25: My new passport, Billiken
Update July 23: Universal Studios Japan
Update July 10: On my way back to Japan
Update July 8: Hitting Starbucks


Jeroen said...

Hey Lou! Glad to see you're starting to get settled in in Osaka :) I'll add one more email to your full inbox... I'd love to come visit Osaka :)

And no... blowing glue DOES NOT seem like a healthy way to pass time ;) X

Louise said...

Hè hè het werd tijd!!! Weet je wel hoe lang ik al wacht????
Ahum, alsof ik er niet bij was heej...;-)

Yasu said...

You are really enjoying your life in Osaka. Internet, Gym, Starbucks and we are close to each other... mwah

Chantal said...

Hey Loulou,

Fijn dat je alles weer een beetje
op orde hebt. Hoorde van mama dat je het weer prima naar je zin hebt.
Kei fijn meid en nu ook nog lekker dicht bij je lover.
Dikke X ook voor Yasu

Minke said...

Keep the updates coming;)!
Minke x

Amanda said...

Lou, I'm really looking forward to Osaka stories because I used to live there :-)
Don't know if you're involved in doing memes, but I've tagged you for one if you're interested.
mata ne,

Minke said...

Hee wat een tof bericht van Amanda op je blog, en zeker dat ze je getagged heeft met een toffe omschrijving van jou en je blog (just good things about you, Amanda)!!! Altijd fijn om te lezen toch! Ben benieuwd naar jouw 6 antwoorden;), je laat ze ons toch wel zien ergens he;)! Dikke kus!

Louana said...

Amanda thanks for tagging for the meme, I am going to do it. Once I'm done updating my blog I'm going to give you guys my 6 answers.