Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Already sick of summer

Not sure when the rainy season ended, but summer has sure begun. I don’t know what the actual temperature is, but it has to be over 35°C and combined the insane humidity it feels like it’s way over 40°C, even in the morning and in the evening. I’m always fed up with summer even before it’s started, because heat makes me sweaty and cranky. But today I’m literally sick of summer… I’ll spare you the gory details suffice it to say that it was so bad that I actually, for the first time ever, left work early. Yasu came by tonight to be nice to his sick girlfriend, and diagnosed me with natsubate (summer exhaustion). Apparently, lots of people are pestered by natsubate every summer and it hit me early, great. Now, I have one more reason to hate the summer.

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Louise said...

Ik word nooit ziek van de zomer hoor... maar ja, die temperaturen die je daar hebt zijn niet om over naar huis te schrijven. Wij zijn al blij als het bij ons zon 25 graden wordt... hoewel, we hebben nu eigenlijk ook niet veel te klagen... DVK XXXXXXXXXX je moemie.