Friday, June 06, 2008

The Weekly Green

After arriving at KIX airport I took a bus to Amagasaki where my sweet boyfriend picked me up. We went for lunch at Bikuri Donkey which was pretty tasteless on account of being exhausted after a 11 hour flight with hardly any sleep, all the while knowing that a week of intensive training is about to start tomorrow. After repacking my suitcases with some of the stuff I left behind in Japan and taking a quick shower I was off to Honbu in Osaka. I’d only been there once before and of course the time I’m lugging around a heavy suitcase on a hot day is when I got lost in the huge train station on which Honbu is sitting. I gave up and called Honbu. A few minutes later one of the trainers picked me up and escorted to my new home for a week in Daikokucho. During my training in Nagoya I stayed in a business hotel and I had my own private room. The hotel I’m staying at now is an apartment hotel, and I’ll be sharing a room with two of my (of course female) co-trainees. I’m a very private person who likes things very neat and organized, so I wonder how living with two girls I’ve never even met is going to work.
Anyway, the hotel is actually very nice. I wish our company apartments were anything like this, with real beds, a nice kitchen with actual space to cut your vegetables, a couch and coffee table, loads of storage in the kitchen, bathroom, a microwave and toaster oven (I only had one burner and a rice cooker in Inuyama). Wow, this is really luxurious. The only thing missing is an internet connection, which is going to make blogging and emailing quite a challenge. The guys in our training group are lucky they actually got a room with an internet connection, but we’ve got an iron and ironing board… Well, who needs those? I haven’t ironed in a year!
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Abbie said...

Wow! You should have seen where I had training. A huge Japanese style house where about 16 of us stayed. I shared a tiny tatami room with two other girls, and we slept on futons. Luckily we had a bathroom - some other teachers didn't. The kitchen was communal and super old and unappealing. We got really tired of Lawson's. On the other hand, it allowed us to bond. Interesting to see other sites! I hope you're enjoying your new place!