Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dutch consulate

My current passport was made up in Maastricht, just before I went to the States for a semester at Emory University. Which is almost 5 years ago, and Dutch passports expire after 5 years (the Japanese are lucky with their 10-year-valid passports), so it is time to get a new one.

I located the Dutch consulate in Osaka, dropped off my passport, along with a wad of cash, passport pictures I had made in the Netherlands especially (due to new and very strict rules regarding those pictures in the EU, like no smiling and all ears need to be photographed), filled out some papers (and officially decreased my body length with 3 cm) and spoke some Dutch to the first Dutch person I met that lives in Japan too. I mean there must be other Dutchies here, as we have an embassy and a consulate in the country but I have yet to meet any (besides the consulate guy of course).

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