Sunday, June 01, 2008

Another shot at Belgian fries

After hosting a slightly wild BBQ at our house yesterday nobody really felt like cooking today. And when Gui suggested we’d give the whole Belgian fries thing another try after the fiasco on Friday, we all jumped at the idea. Everybody was game, because what Dutch person doesn’t want to drive south for an hour to go get some greasy Belgian fries? Well, Dutch person not living in Belgium that is, because when we lived in Belgium, the greasiness of Belgian fries made me sick and made me long for dry and crispy Dutch fries. But hey, I don’t exactly live in Belgium anymore, so. I mean they’ve never even heard of Belgian fries in Japan, they think all fries are French fries thanks to McDonald’s.

So we packed up the family and drove across the border to Postel, basically a huge parking lot in the woods with about a dozen of semi-mobile fries and ice cream shops. They serve mostly Dutch people looking for a bag of Belgian grease without having to integrate into the Belgian culture too much. After consuming the fries and a dessert of delicious Belgian ice cream (much better than Italian ice cream in my opinion) most Dutchies drive straight back home, and so did we. But the fries and ice cream were very good, and way more enjoyable on an empty stomach.

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