Saturday, May 31, 2008

The somewhat surprise BBQ reunion

Today was BBQ day, and my parents got all the important ingredients like bread, potato salad, sangria wine and the all-important (at least when hosting a BBQ): meat. My favorite (and with me almost everybody else's) on the BBQ is bacon marinated with Indonesian satay herbs grilled nice and crispy (but not too crispy for me), so my parents made sure we had plenty of that today.

What I supposed was going to be nice and quiet BBQ with the grandparents, turned out to be a surprise reunion with a small selection of people. As soon as Minke gave me my heart attack of the day by unexpectedly showing up in front of my face, I realized what my sneaky parents were up to.

Of course, it was great to see everybody and catch up, not just with the Dutch people, but also with Dutch food and European alcohol (mostly Spanish and German). It’s great to have all the things you’ve missed while residing on the other side of the planet all together in one evening in one place. Thanks Moem & Gui!

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