Saturday, May 03, 2008

Purikura with Jeroen and Maiko

Jeroen and I used to live in the same building when we were still students of International Business at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. After graduation I moved to Japan and he started working for a Dutch company which has recently sent him to work on a project in Seoul, Korea. Korea is very close to Japan (especially compared to the Netherlands) so Jeroen decided to pay me a visit this weekend in Nagoya! Maiko and I went to pick him at Nagoya station to show him around Nagoya. One of the most important things we introduced Jeroen to today was of course purikura:

The first time Jeroen had no idea what was going on and the machine we were using was in quite a hurry. But the second machine was way more patient and by then Jeroen really got the hang of posing for pictures and decorating them afterwards. We wanted to try it a third time, because by then Jeroen had an array of ideas for funny pictures, but we had to make our dinner reservation so there was no more time.


Minke said...

Good to see a familiar face with you on the pictures! Great you were there Jeroen!
Minke x

Louise said...

Hey die Jeroen! Das even wat anders dan Maastricht toch? Hoewel Korea ook niet om de hoek ligt. Fijne dagen gehad?
Pfff, dat kerkhof Lou, is wel errug groot! Helaas was dat filmpje moeilijk te volgen. Maar wel gelukt.
DVK je moemie.

Louana said...

Wat was er mis met het filmpje van Koyasan dan? Was het te snel gefilmd of deed Youtube raar? xx

Jeroen said...

Het was echt SUPER gezellig! :D En Purikura was echt hillarisch! Ben enorm trots op mijn fotootjes! :D