Thursday, May 08, 2008

Playing with pencils

You probably know how it is, when you’re cleaning up or packing up your stuff for a big move, you always find some of your old stuff you’ve forgotten about and you can resist playing with your old toy. Well, I found a box with 45 Bruynzeel colored pencils, which I’ve had for more than 10 years but hardly ever used and still moved to Japan with me. I love stationary and especially the kind that comes in many different colors. So I really wanted to play with my pencils, and also with the 40 Staedtler colored markers and pens I found. So I decided to a little memento for my lovely boyfriend of the wonderful anniversary we celebrated together in Wakayama prefecture.

It depicts many of the things we did that day, and one of the gifts he gave me: a little stuffed Panda holding a heart named Tarepanda, which I officially renamed Yasupanda. He received the postcard today and I’m glad to say that he really liked it. The pencils and markers are now safely packed into one of my moving boxes, so no more time-consuming drawing for me. At least not in Inuyama.


Louise said...

Je blijft creatief heej, hoort ook wel een beetje bij een schooljuf!!!
Verder wel alles ingepakt?

Minke said...


Yasu said...

The card is so well-made!! I really liked it and also am so impressed you drew it , you are such an artist my love mwah