Thursday, May 22, 2008

My replacement

The new teacher arrived today, his name is Sean and he came all the way from California:

I spent the whole day showing him the ropes here at school, and in Inuyama, which was fun. His arrival did make me realize, for real, that I’m really leaving and that I won’t be here next week to teach my adorable students… sniff. I’m sure he’ll do fine and so far he really seems to like the school and the students. Tomorrow, he’s going to teach one lesson, so I’m curious how he’s going to do.


Louise said...

Good luck Sean and I wish you a lot of fun to in Inuyama.
Grtz Lia.

Miatoots said...

hi, i found your blog very interesting ^_^ your life seems so fun ! in the future, i plan to visit japan.

i reallt don't know what to say but i just wanted to let you know that i enjoy reading you're blogs.

take care :D

Miatoots said...

hi, i find your blog very interesting ^_^ your life sounds like so much fun !! haha, in the future i want to go to japan too.

i really don't know what else to say but i just wanted you to know that i like reading your blogs.

take care :D

Miatoots said...

did i write a comment twice?? lol, you can delete one >< bye !

Louana said...

Miatoots: It's always great to hear people are reading my stories and especially when they're enjoying them! So thanks for your message :).

Jeroen said...

Wat een raar idee dat je weggaat daar... je zult moeilijk te vervangen zijn! X

Sean said...

i think i look young in this picture. all the students think im 30 or 40. doshde???

miss ya lou! have a great vacation back home!