Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cooking mussels

One of my favorite dishes is cooked mussels. I live in an empire that seems to be built on seafood, yet it somehow seems impossible to find mussels here. On the contrary, in the Netherlands they are very popular and very easy to find, when it’s mussel season… Unfortunately, it is not mussel season isn’t right now. But Gy told me that the restaurant he works at still serves mussels, and a quick trip to their supplier provided us with about 3 kilos of French mussels! So tonight I did the fairly easy job of cooking mussels for dinner.

When I cooked them for the first time as a teenager, the fact that they’re still alive when you cook them freaked me out so much that I ignored mussels for at least 10 years. But even if you don’t mind your hands going through a bowl full of live sea creatures, they still look disgusting. They have moisture oozing out of their shells and ugly and creepy parasites on their shells, which try to crawl out when you’re cooking them. Doesn’t it sound absolutely delicious? Still, somehow when I got older I got braver and now I absolutely love (eating) mussels!

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