Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baking Dutch pancakes

After visiting my mom Gy and I were sent home to prepare dinner. Because I live abroad and hardly ever get to enjoy Dutch food anymore I got to choose what we were having for dinner. I wanted pancakes, Dutch pancakes! So we went to Albert Heijn, my favorite Dutch grocery store, to buy the ingredients, and Gy prepared the batter and add-on ingredients when we got home:

Gy cooked most of the pancakes, but I also got to cook some and more importantly eat some, and they were delicious! Actually, I’m pretty sure they shouldn’t be too hard to make from scratch in Japan with some flower, milk and eggs, but I guess they just taste better when you’re here in the Netherlands.

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Sade said...

The pancake in the picture looks a little different than from the pancakes I'm used to seeing.
What's the difference between Dutch pancakes and American ones?
And also, would you be able to include a recipe so I can try it too?