Sunday, April 13, 2008


Tonight Yasu’s aunt and uncle treated us to dinner at a small yakiniku restaurant in Amagasaki. I love meat and I love barbeques, so I’m always up for some yakiniku. I’ve done yakiniku several times since my arrival in Japan, but never like we did tonight.

First of all, we went to a small local kind of restaurant instead one of those big chains, I have nothing against big chains or small local places by the way, I love them all equally. Then we had to take of our shoes and sit on the floor, which is very Japanese I know, but sitting on the floor always seriously kills my weak back (which is why I bought a regular height table and chair for my apartment). And lastly, the barbeque wasn’t the typical built-in one, instead it was a bucket of hot charcoals sitting in a hole in the middle of table with a thin iron grill on top of it.

It looked quite amateuristic but the little restaurant had a very nice atmosphere and the meal was delicious. I didn’t even mind eating the cow tongue which I normally find too chewy. There was only one thing I didn’t like, which were the grey flatworms with acne that were supposed to be some animal’s stomach. I tried it but it tasted a bit sour and the whole idea of eating stomach made me nauseous.

Yasu's father, Minoru (Yasu's uncle) & Mayumi (Yasu's aunt) after a fulfilling dinner

We were going to dinner to discuss our Obon plans, which is when my parents are going to stay at their house (Gy and I will stay at Yasu’s house) and they are going to take all of us to do a bit of sightseeing. But Yasu’s father tagged along for dinner, so instead almost their entire evening was spent conversing in Japanese with him. So we’ll have to try to get together again some other day.

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Louise said...

Maag eten was niet het enige wat je misselijk maakte...;-) XXX DVK

Yasu said...

That was a great Yakiniku restaurant! The restaurant is called Shogun, the head of samurais. We should go there again!! mwah
By the way, I like "where my readers are from".