Monday, March 31, 2008

New visa application process

If you want to be able to work in another country than your own, you usually need some kind of working permit. I have a one-year working visa for Japan, but I’ve already been here for more than 10 months and soon I’ll be transferring to Osaka for one more year of work in Japan. So I need a renewal for my visa. First step was applying for a new visa at Nagoya’s immigration office. If you get off at the right train station near the immigration office, you’ll find various signs leading you to immigration in more than one language, just to make sure that us dumb foreigners don’t get lost. Actually, it’s a very easy trip, but you don’t know when you’re going there for the first time I guess.

When I arrived at the office I was walked right into a huge crowd of foreigners, all trying to get information as to which line to join to get what they were there for. Somehow, us foreigners aren’t as good as the Japanese in lining up and I had to pay attention to make sure people behind me were not cutting the line.

After actually handing them your application papers, they give you a postcard on which you have to write an address where they’ll send a notification of your visa being ready for pick-up. And then you wait, for a very long time, in order to be allowed to hand them back the postcard and for them to return your passport. Two hours, several naps and dozens of yawns and sighs later I was finally free to leave the hot and stuffy office filled with hundreds of non-patient non-Japanese. Next step, is pick up the new visa and a get a new re-entry permit, I can’t wait to return.

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Minke said...

Good luck! Mucha suerte! Minke

Louise said...

Zeg dat wel... good luck next time my dear Lou... XXXXX DVK