Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hucklebuck

So I’m organizing the video files on my computer and I stumbled upon a video, which had me laughing out loud here all alone in my Japanese shoebox. It’s a video of my boyfriend, my brother, my stepsister and my mother dancing the Hucklebuck in our living room last Christmas vacation.
We had just come back from Gy’s dance examination where they had picked up the steps to some line dance. Basically a line dance is when a group of cowboys dances to country and western music in one or more lines. Actually it’s a lot of fun and also very popular at dance schools. I remember doing many line dances at my old dance school and always enjoying them more than the actual ballroom dancing.
Anyway, these four people were still doing the Hucklebuck steps when we got home, so Gy played the song on YouTube so that they could all dance it in the living room. My stepdad and I had not bothered to learn the steps at the dance school, so we wisely chose to just observe and of course I recorded it all on my camera. I can imagine this video is not as immensely entertaining to others as it is to me, but I think it’s absolutely hilarious so I felt the need to share.


Louise said...

We hebben 'm nogmaals samen bekeken heej... pfff, je had het zelf ook moet dansen, makkelijk te leren hoor! Als ik het kan kan jij het ook! XXXXXX DVK

Yasu said...

I love this video too!!! It was a fun dance, Gy is pretty good at it. I gotta learn it some day I guess. Thanks for the video my love mwah mwah mwah