Sunday, February 10, 2008

White, wet and cold

That’s right it finally snowed! Actually I heard it snowed a little last week, but it happened when I was still asleep and by the time I got up it was all gone, so they could have been lying. Either way to me that doesn’t count. But what fell yesterday does count!

It started in the morning when I went to work, it was snowing very lightly but it was really annoying because it kept getting in my eyes and it stung, so I had to bike to work with my eyes nearly closed, which is very safe of course. When I glanced outside after my first class, I saw the snow was getting more serious. It had changed from small and irritating to big and beautiful flakes. People started using umbrellas to protect themselves, which really doesn’t mean anything in Japan, as people use umbrellas in any kind of weather here, even the kind without precipitation. When it was time for my break there was so much snow that it was irritating again. Normally I go home during my (slightly) longer Saturday break, today that seemed like an impossible challenge. It’s tough to walk on ‘dry’ snow with heels and slippery soles, and it’s kind of risky to bike through heaps of sleet but it just plain dangerous to bike or walk on snow that has melted and frozen again, otherwise known as ice. All the pedestrian areas (which is where we also bike in Japan) had turned into shiny glaciers, so the normally easy and quick trip home seemed like an adventure I wasn’t prepared to go on, when they’re expecting me back at work dry and without injuries.

It started to rain somewhere in the late afternoon, but when it was time to go home there was still more than enough snow, sleet and ice to seriously slow me down and have me riding my rickety bike on the (relatively snow free) main road instead of the sidewalk. Which resulted in me playing ‘chicken’ with a couple of automobile drivers, but I guess I must be pretty damn scary because they all got out of my way!

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Louise said...

Ghe ghe, je hebt jezelf nog nooit zien fietsen heej poepei! Weet je nog dat we gingen fietsen in Lommel en dat je werd achterna gezeten door een hond??? Ik heb nog nooit zo hard in een deuk gelegen!!! Maar ook dat had je overleefd net als deze gevaarlijke en zeeeeeer uitdagende fietsrit...;-)
XXXX dikke vette kussen, je moemie.