Thursday, February 14, 2008

They're coming to Japan!

I’ve lived in Japan for more than 8 months, and I’ve already signed up another year in Osaka so I’ll be here for a while. In those 8 months I’ve already been back home twice and just after I hit my 1-year-in-Japan mark, I head on home again for a third visit. But during this year’s Obon I’m staying put in Japan, because this time my mother, brother and stepfather will be coming to Japan to visit me!!!

Of course as the family travel agent, I was the one doing the searching for good airline deals (it’s a pretty expensive venture when you’re traveling with 3 people). Once I found a good deal I had problems actually booking it due to credit card limits and a slow computer. That was just a tat frustrating (ToT). But tonight I finally managed to book 3 flights with Emirates Airlines, which also flew me to Japan last year. After being in the air for almost 17 hours (with a short break in Dubai) they’ll be arriving in Osaka on August 8th! Unfortunately, they wanted me to book a return flight too, so they’ll be leaving on August 18th just before midnight. But maybe they’ll change their minds once they get here…


Louise said...

We hebben er veel zin om te komen en om te zien hoe je woont, werkt en hoe je een personal life onderhoudt! Tot gauw!
XXXXX Dikke vette kussen je moemie.

Minke said...

Hihihi, they don't want to go back anymore;)! Top top top dat ze (jullie) komen!! En nog wel met je verjaardag, wat een handige tijd waar die Obon week in valt haha! Ben zo blij voor jullie! Kussssss