Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shabu shabu at Mayumi & Minoru's new place

Today, I finally took a Shinkansen to Osaka again, it was the first time this year. Yasu’s uncle Minoru and aunt Mayumi had a new house built last year and they moved in just before Christmas. This was my first opportunity to visit them in their new place, so that’s were we headed as soon as Yasu picked me up at Amagasaki station.

Mayumi, Yasu, Minoru & Hiromasa (Yasu's brother)

Their new house is really big for Japanese standards, and very luxurious. It’s three stories and looks quite modern. I really liked it! They have their own elevator, a big movie theater screen, electric cat doors, huge flat screen TV’s everywhere, indoor garage, a rock garden, a Spanish-looking patio with a beautiful view of the stars, double paned windows (which is very rare in Japan) and my favorite is their huge kitchen with a super fridge and a super sink.

Mayumi cooked dinner for us, or actually she prepared it and we cooked it ourselves as it was shabu shabu. Which is dish named after the sound it makes when you shortly swirl the raw beef through the broth in the nabe pot (although I never heard that sound and I did it several times). After that you dip the beef in a sauce of your choice and then you eat. I was very grateful that Mayumi prepared this dinner for us because I’d been wanting to try shabu shabu ever since I first heard about it from them in 2004. The shabu shabu was good and cooking it a lot of fun, but it's not as tasty as yakiniku.

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Yasu said...

While reading this post, I couldn't stop smiling. Yeah it was really fun! Next time, let's go to Yakiniku!! mwah

Louise said...

Ben heel errug benieuwd naar Mayumi en Minoru.XXXXX DVK je moemie.