Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine sent me flowers

The Japanese love giving gifts and we our teacher’s room is often laden with chocolates and other edible sweets from our students. Now that it’s Valentine even more chocolates have been pouring in and one student even dropped off a box with specialized and yummy puddings. This morning just before my first lesson, a flower delivery person walks in and I remember thinking “Oh wow, a student has sent us flowers for Valentine, how sweet.” Except the flowers weren’t from a student, they were from my very own Valentine and they were meant just for me! That discovery startled me a bit, but it was a very pleasant surprise. I tried to be cool about it in front of the rest of the staff, but that was simply impossible, I was smiling way too much and way too happily.

Taking pictures with my cellphone in my classroom

And now the flowers are looking pretty in my apartment

Isn’t my sweet boyfriend romantic, sending beautiful pink flowers to my work for Valentine? They smell great and the bouquet contains huge pink roses and pink and white tulips, I just love them (and him)! But honestly they could have been butt ugly and I still would have loved them, because my cute boyfriend send them to me! And all I did was send him a lousy (but pretty) Valentine’s card, which never even arrived! And I also bought him a present (not chocolate), but I’m not giving that to him until he gets here this weekend… Actually, I’d decided not to blog about Valentine, because it’s wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. But when your boyfriend sends flowers to your work, you kind of can’t not blog about it!


Yasu said...

hahahaaaa!!! I am happy that you liked them! I love you mwah

Minke said...

Hahaha! How sweet! You both are! Hele lieve foto van jou! Dikke kus!

Valebj said...

Hi Lou i loved your blog I'm argentine...
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Maiko said...

Hi,Lou xoxo
It was so awesome your valentaine!!!!!!
Yasu and You are so awesome couple!!!
I love you. Maiko