Monday, February 25, 2008


I don’t really like sushi, I think it’s the vinegar they put in the rice because I really love sashimi and I really love Japanese rice so the only thing left that could make the difference in the vinegar. Yet, I still agreed to have lunch at a sushi-go-round named Kurasushi, it’s a kaitenzushi you know a place where the sushi revolves through the restaurant on a conveyor belt to be picked off by hungry customers.

At the beginning of lunch

Octopus and salmon sushi

Yasu, Hiromasa and I had spent the morning shopping on a light fruit breakfast so when we arrived at Kurasushi we were all very hungry. It’s a nice place and I was happy to discover that they also had delicious udon on the menu, which was great but it hadn’t been necessary because I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste of the sushi, I actually loved the sushi (or maybe I was too hungry to be picky).

Touch to get more food

At the end of lunch with 24 empty plates on the table

And this was a really high-tech sushi-go-round too, they had touch screen monitors where you could order sushi, in case you’re too impatient for it to roll on by itself or if it’s too popular and some of the other patrons have already snatched it off the belt before you get a chance. And instead of using a plate counting waitress to figure out the amount you have to pay for you meal they have a counting letterbox in which you dump your plates. And if you’re lucky his friend the gift machine on top will spit out a decorated ball with a cute cell phone strap inside. We got lucky:

The food was really great, and we ate a lot! In total the machine counted 24 plates, and most of them had had two pieces of nigirizushi (the non-roll kind of sushi) on them when we took them of the belt. And we also each had some noodles to go with our sushi so we were pretty stuffed after lunch. I can’t wait to go back to Kurasushi!

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Louise said...

Gui en ik waren gister in Antwerpen in een soort van een ruimet zoals de heuvel in Ehv alleen veeeeeeeel groter. Men noemt dat de Stadsfeestzaal. En in die ruimte heb je wat winkels en een eetbar met stoeltjes en tafeltjes. Wij hadden al besloten om gewone belse frieten te gaan eten maar toen Gui al dat lekkers zag, het was nl een sushi-bar begon ie letterlijk te watertanden! We zijn toch frieten gaan eten maar die suschi houden we wel van jou tegoed daar in Kurasushi! Lekkerrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
XXXXX DVK je moemie.