Friday, February 08, 2008

KLM is taking me home again!

My job here ends on May 24th, my new job in Osaka starts on June 7th… hence, I have two weeks of time to kill in between! What’s my favorite pastime when I have a more time off than a weekend? That’s right traveling home! So on Monday the 26th of May I’ll be boarding a KLM plane that flies me straight from Osaka to Amsterdam and KLM will fly me back to Osaka on June the 5th.

I can’t wait to fly KLM again, we flew KLM on our way to the Netherlands last December and it was the best airline I’ve ever used. And the crew speaks Dutch, of course, as it is the Dutch airline! On our way back we flew AirFrance and it thoroughly sucked, especially compared to the excellent service and entertainment KLM provided. But this time, I’ve got 2 direct flights and they’re both on KLM! Yay!


Chantal said...

Leuk, je komt weer even naar huis!!! Zie je in mei.
Dikke X

Louise said...

Spannend!!!! Thuis komen en daarna beginnen op je nieuwe plek, met nieuwe studenten, nieuwe collegaas en hopelijk ook weer nieuwe vrienden!!
XXXXX dikke vette kussen, je moemie.

Minke said...