Sunday, February 03, 2008

Just another Monday in Japan

Today Yasu and I spent the day in Nagoya. I’m pretty familiar with the city by now, but of course there are still many places in that city that I have yet to discover. And as I’m moving away from this area in about 3 months, I’ve decided to do a fair amount of extra sightseeing. And poor Yasu will continue to get dragged along on my quest to see as many sights of Nagoya as I can.

So this time we headed for Osu Kannon temple, which is a huge Buddhist temple located in a busy shopping area in Nagoya. Having just done all the typical temple stuff the day before at Narita-san in Inuyama, this particular temple visit wasn’t very stimulating. We looked around a bit, sniffed up some revolting incense smoke, took some pictures and then we felt it was time to move on.

On our way to Osu Kannon we went underground, on our way back we decided to go above ground, so we went on a nice walk from Osu to Sakae (downtown Nagoya). Which was very interesting because we saw a lot of streets, buildings, restaurants, alleys and shops we’d never seen before. What surprised Yasu the most was a ramen-selling-vending machine. I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find a machine selling hot Asian noodles in broth here, I was already aware of the fact that Japan is extremely vending-machine-happy.

During our city walk we decided to go for some karaoke and a late-night movie. After some searching on the cell phone internet and a little bit of calling we found a Shidax in Sakae. Shidax has great karaoke rooms and they’re very cheap, and soon we were singing our already hoarse voices (courtesy of a fierce cold) even more hoarse. Near the end we ordered dinner, (they have karaoke-room-service), which was very good and not expensive, but the karaoke was way too distracting! It was a trade-off, do I want to feed my hunger or do I want to sing another song?

Imagine this, you want to enter the fancy Midland Square building (which is where the cinema’s located) but at the entrance there’s a sign that says you cannot take any foods or drinks inside the building, and you happen to be holding a Starbucks coffee. I didn’t want to break the rules in strict Japan, and I didn’t want to be kicked out by a rent-a-cop on my way to the movie theater. So I quickly downed the last of my Caramel Macchiato, but there was no trashcan around anywhere… So what is one supposed to do? This is what I did:

Don’t worry, I was adequately punished for my involuntary littering during the movie Sweeney Todd. That movie scared the crap out of me, and Yasu! I don’t want to give the story away so suffice it to say that after the first half of the movie my eyes were literally closed or covered by my arms about 50% of the time. And I saw Yasu protecting his eyes from the horrific visuals on more than one occasion too! Unfortunately, it was impossible to tune out the sound (except when I screamed myself), which was sickening enough for me. I will never watch that movie again!


Louise said...

Opgeruimd staat netjes toch? Zelfs die Starbucks Beker past wel een beetje in het interieur...;-)
XXXXXXX je moemie.

Jeroen said...

Sounds all very exciting! Can't wait to visit and do some sight seeing! :D X

Anonymous said...

louana you are so funny ..I love johnny depp and I love tim burton but i know i wont even try to see that movie at all !!!!

jovimimi (from backstage)

Aaron said...

Just left you a comment on one of your newest entries but then was reading this about how you are leaving the Nag area soon. If you want an interesting cultural experience before you leave you have to check out the Tagata Jinja fertility festival on March 15th if you haven't already. That would make for some fine blogging.

Louana said...

Damn, I have to work on March 15th, but next year it'll be a Monday which is one of my regular days off. I would really love to see this Penis festival in Komaki, it sounds very interesting :)!