Monday, February 11, 2008

Bon Jovi party at the Hard Rock

Yesterday, I went to the Hard Rock Café with Kumiko to meet up with some of her other Bon Jovi friends to have a so-called Bon Jovi party, which basically means lunch, drinks (just hot tea in my case, I’ve gotten boring recently) and a lot of talking about Bon Jovi. We took a train to Nagoya station where we met up with Akemi, Kyoko and Yumi, all Bon Jovi fans which Kumiko met in January (like me).

Akemi, Kyoko, Yumi, Kumiko & Lou

We took a cab to the Hard Rock on account of the large amount of bags Yumi was carrying. The prospect of the taxi ride was very exciting to me as it was my first time in a Japanese cab, but obviously it was quite similar to taxis in other parts of the world, except for the automatically opening doors and defect seatbelts in the back. It was good that the others knew where to find the Hard Rock because it is nearly impossible to discover at first sight, as the big entrance was somewhere upstairs at the back of some building.

Of course, the first thing I did when we were inside was check out the Bon Jovi display. Besides pictures, they had the custom-made jacket Jon wore at the 1989 Moscow Music Peace Festival and one of Richie’s guitars displayed on the wall:

It was a small Hard Rock, but the atmosphere was similar to its counterparts the world over. It was a nice place to have lunch for a change, especially when they played some Bon Jovi performances on the TV (at our request of course).

Once we sat down, people started handing out gifts (I had no idea this was going to be happening, so I brought nothing…) and Yumi even prepared some kind of lottery with prizes (more gifts). I decided she suffers from a Santa Clause syndrome, because she gave us way too many gifts, which were in all those bags that made us have to take a taxi earlier. We all ended up with a large bag filled with gifts by the end of the afternoon. We ended our 4-hour lunch with some purikura:

It was a lot of fun meeting these girls and trying to communicate with them, but luckily Kumiko was there to do some translating when needed. Next week we’ll be doing the 9 hour Bon Jovi karaoke marathon at Shidax in Komaki and Kyoko (and some other girl who I’ve yet to meet) is joining the madness too. Can’t wait!

More pictures


Minke said...

Crazyyyyyyy!! Cool!
Cool, THE jacket of the Moscow Music Peace Festival, gaaf!! Sounds like a very good lunch, the more Bon Jovi fans the better! I am curious how you will prepare for the marathon;).
Your pingpong ball, the other BJ fan, Minke xxx

Louise said...

Pingpongbal...;-)Echt weer Minke heej! Goh, dat was ff schrikkuh toen iedereen met gifts kwamen aanzetten en jij daar stond met lege handen... ai ai... is dat zo normaal dan dat ze dat doen als je elkaar een tijdje niet hebt gezien?
XXXXX dikke vette kussen je moemie.

Anonymous said...

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