Saturday, January 12, 2008

The purpose of my TV

When I moved here 7 months ago, I put the TV in the closet because it’s all Japanese here anyway, and therefore pretty useless to me. Last week, after a 11-day-visit home and coming back with a lot more than I went with, I needed space in my closet so I took the TV out and installed it. Since then it’s mainly been on for some background sound, but just a couple of minutes ago the TV has proven its use to me! All of a sudden I hear ‘Lost Highway’ being played, and I turn to see Bon Jovi live at Nagoya Dome last night on my tiny TV!

Especially Tico looks mighty interested, doesn't he?

Of course, it doesn’t last long enough in my opinion, and they end it with an ultra short interview (the only thing I remember is Jon saying something about American politics). But any Bon Jovi surprise is a good one!


Louise said...

Ik zei het net nog tegen Gui, BJ is haar hobby!!! Gaaf al die fotoos en vooral dat filmpje...mooi nummer heej!
mooi opgenomen ook. Kon zelfs zijn zweet zien in z'n nek..;-))
Vooral veel plezier nog bij je laatste concert poepie!!!! Geniet ervan!!!
Dikke vette kussen XXXXXXXX je moemie.

Minke said...

De reden van je tv, Bon Jovi, geweldig! Kus