Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm cold

Lately it has been so cold in my apartment that I’ve started referring to it as my ‘freezer’. And even though I’ve wanted to blog about Tokyo and other stuff I’ve been up to recently it’s very unpleasant to type with frozen fish sticks for fingers. Last weekend I bought a new heater for my freezer, because the one I have just didn’t do the trick. The clerk at the store recommended the one I got and said it was the most powerful and it could easily and quickly warm up a shoebox sized apartment. And sure it’s nice and warm when you sit right in front of the heater, but even this super-special-carbon-heater doesn’t stand a chance to the cold in my freezer. So I might just have to accept that my insulation-lacking apartment, lined with big single glass windows on two walls (corner apartment), is just impossible to heat up to a remotely comfortable temperature. I just don’t know what’s worse, shivering while wearing at least 7 layers in my winter-freezer or nearly passing out in my summer-sauna which is impossible to cool down even though the AC is blasting 24/7?


Yasu said...

Yeah it is very cold there,,, we need to find out what is needed and get it. Let's talk about it soon, mwah

Minke said...

I am sending you some warmth!

Louise said...

ocharme poepie... hier heb je wat warme lucht .... pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Hoop dat het wat helpt... XXXX dikke vette warme kussen, je moemie.