Friday, January 11, 2008

Bon Jovi in Nagoya ~ Nagoya Dome (January 11, 2008)

Today at 13:00 I started posting the side-exit of the Shinkansen at Nagoya Station, because Bon Jovi was due to arrive there between 13:00 and 15:00. How did I know that? One of my students found out and left a message for me at the school! I have no idea where he got that information, but I wasn't going to waste that intelligence!
I wasn’t the only one waiting for Bon Jovi, so that reinforced my belief that Bon Jovi was actually arriving there. After a little more than an hour they popped up out of the crowd, right in front of me, here at Nagoya Station! I've never seen Bon Jovi in my ‘hometown’ (Nagoya kind of is home these days), I was always ‘visiting’ Bon Jovi in some strange city, now they came to me… kind of.
I tried to take pictures but the Japanese security kept ordering us to put our cameras away... I have no idea why they care so much about our taking pictures but all the Japanese fans were very obedient and put there cameras away and instead started waving at the band. But me, always the dumb foreigner, pretended I had no idea what they were talking about and I still managed to take a few pictures. They aren't great but it’s still better than nothing:

Hugh McDonald at Nagoya Station

Bobby Bandiera and Richie Sambora at Nagoya Station

David Bryan at Nagoya Station

Jon Bon Jovi at Nagoya Station

Jon and David in the van (no sign of Tico anywhere)

Next stop was Nagoya Dome, but to my surprise very little was going on there, no huge crowds of exhausted people lying, sitting, standing around the stadium, and no huge posters promoting tonight’s show. I walked all around the dome (because I was looking for the fanclub-ticket-pick-up-place) and there was absolutely nothing exciting going on there. In Europe, we always spend more than 24 hours in and around the concert venue, and there’s always loads going on and lots of excitement in the air, here in Nagoya: nothing…

When I picked up my tickets, I was slightly disappointed to find out we were seated in row 11. I knew the fanclub tickets could be anywhere in the first 15 rows from the stage, but I was hoping for at least row 7. But when we got to our seats we found out the first row in our section was numbered 5, so we were really in the eighth row and our seats were exactly in the middle, precisely in front of Jon Bon Jovi, and we were very happy with our seats.

Megan and Lou, sneaking a picture inside Nagoya Dome

And it’s true people in Japan don’t take pictures at concerts! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was looking everywhere around me and nobody was doing it. And I knew many of them had cameras (I had already seen them outside) and of course there are always Japanese keitai (cell phone) cameras, which are almost as good as real cameras. I had no idea how these people could restrain themselves from taking pictures, but I couldn’t! It was too tempting not to take my camera out. It was kind of pain not being allowed to use it, because I would’ve been able to take great pictures from my awesome seat. Secretively I gave it my best shot, it was tough, but I ended up with some fun pictures and movies. I almost got caught though, and after that I put my camera away (so no pictures of the bow), but that was near the end (during ‘I Love This Town’) anyway.

David moved to Richie's side of the stage

The show started a little after 19:00, which is insanely early for my European standards, without a support act, without a spectacular stage and without a spectacular-building-up-the-tension-entrance of the band. All of a sudden, the band just appeared and was there, right in front of us, and Lost Highway started. It was a bit unsettling, but stuff is easily forgotten soon after Bon Jovi starts playing.

Who Says You Can't Go Home

It's allright, It's allright with the violinist

By the way, it’s very convenient to have seats, to store your stuff and to make sure everybody maintains their own personal space. Also it created distance between you and the person right in front of you making it easier to see over them, right into Jon and Richie’s eyes. It’s also nice to be there without having exhausted myself by sitting on a sidewalk for two days hoping to secure a good spot in the pit.

Backrubbing onstage

There were no onstage pits, almost no stage decoration, except a small bar and a jukebox, which were probably impossible to see from the back. And they didn’t play any rare or special songs, which I was really hoping for, because usually the Japanese set lists are to die for. Actually, I felt they were playing kind of rushed, one song quickly after the other, without much small talk or longer versions of songs.

Jon and his tiny jukebox

They left the stage once, to change and quickly came back to play 4 more songs and then they bowed and they were off, literally! I was slightly shocked, I couldn’t believe (first of all) that nobody was screaming “we want more” and that they actually left at 21:10. Well, Bon Jovi did have a Shinkansen to catch (which is probably why they rushed through the whole show), back to Tokyo, and the last one leaves around 22:00, so it makes sense.

David Bryan going at it

I am just too used to the European way of concerts, after the bow, the entire audience goes crazy and screams at the top of their lungs, Bon Jovi returns and we all have some more fun (and sometimes this even happens twice). But Japanese people are used to it, and right after Bon Jovi finished bowing people started to take off. It kind of felt like going to the movies, you arrive just before the show starts and you leave right after the show. I’ve never seen a concert venue empty so quickly and efficiently! And there was hardly any trash either, wow Japanese people are so behaved.

Keep The Faith with Jon's ass ;)

Still, it was an awesome night, I made a couple of new Japanese friends, and it was very enjoyable to experience a concert the Japanese way (except for the whole taking-pictures-in-secret-thing). Bon Jovi played well, and I especially enjoyed 'Make A Memory' (see video), 'We’ve Got It Goin’ On' and Richie’s 'These Days'.

Make A Memory live @ Nagoya Dome


01. Lost Highway 02. You Give Love A Bad Name 03. Raise Your Hands 04. Runaway 05. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight 06. Summertime 07. Make A Memory 08. Whole Lot Of Leavin’ 09. Born To Be My Baby 10. We’ve Got It Goin’ On 11. It’s My Life 12. Bad Medicine / Shout 13. These Days (Richie) 14. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars 15. Sleep When I’m Dead / Jumpin’ Jack Flash 16. Who Says You Can’t Go Home 17. Livin’ On A Prayer 18. Have A Nice Day 19. Keep The Faith 20. I Love This Town 21. Wanted Dead Or Alive


jonsgirll said...

OMJ..You little ripper I could kiss your feet..Im a member of Backstage fan club too and Im busting for updates..waiting for the boys to get to Australia..and I find this today..
THANKYOU AWESOME..Im so glad you took the Im excited.

Louana said...

Yeah, I wanted to put the review on the Backstage forum later today but someone beat me to it. I wasn't sure if we could post links to websites or not-exactly-legal pictures, but I guess I don't need to think about it anymore :)! I'll be posting about the two Tokyo shows later on too, but if there'll be pictures... Well, I'm going to try for sure!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing!!!! I was going through withdrawal since they left Canada!!!!

Yasu said...

I am glad you have enjoyed the conert here! It seems very different than what you have experienced though. The pictures on the top are so real that they feel weird, I think that way too. Enjoy more in Tokyo!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your review. And the video of MAM is great! I look forward to reading about the other shows.

Jovimimi said...

very cool review !! I absolutely loved to read it ... from a frenchie who lived in japan in the 80's ... very cool blog I will read it again , Jovi or not ... and see you in Amsterdam and London ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and great pictures!! I don't think I could resist taking pictures either! Since you're in the fan club, did you read about the photo contest? You should submit one of yours.

Louana said...

Mireille, hope to see you in Europe too, because after Tokyo I think I'll need even more Bon Jovi!

Anonymous, maybe I should submit a picture to the contest, because there won't be many entries from the Nagoya show at all ;)!

Kumiko said...

Hi Lou!! I am sorry i couldn't check your blog yesterday.what a great blog!!!i really like this!
i enjoyed reading it! Thank you for many nice photos!!!i can remember that show clearly!
i never forget that great show in Nagoya Dome, and i also never forget our "Kanpai" in Izakaya.
Next time , let's go to the "BonJovi Karaoke"!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome review, loved reading it!


Minke said...

This time I am not the first to respond;). Wow, goosebumps, although it sounds completely different from our Europe shows! Gaaaafffff, dat je het hebt meegemaakt en nog 2 keer mag! Durfde je niet op ze af te stappen, ze waren wel heeeel dichtbij?!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

OMG, how did you manage to take pictures at the venue! We Japanese fans get taken out right away if we do.... They always "threaten" us not to take pics. :(

I wish I were not Japanese that way!

BRUNA said...

hello my names is Bruna Brazil...
y love Jon Bon JOVI!!

Anonymous said...

Bon Jovi is the best!! did you know they went to a bar call `MYBAR` is in Sakae fron of the TV tower.

Anonymous said...

I love BON jOVI