Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas...

Two more days of teaching and then it's Sunday! What’s so exciting about Sunday you ask? Well, that is the day that Yasu and I will be flying from Osaka to Amsterdam!! Because we’ll be celebrating the holidays with my family, in the Netherlands :). It’s almost Christmas and traditionalist that I am I’m always dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’… But it always seems to stay just that, a dream. But look at what happened at home this morning:

My Dutch home decorated by snow

Our pretty white street

This could be a good sign. Although they forecasted rain for the weekend, that doesn’t mean my hope for a ‘White Christmas’ hasn’t increased by today’s beautiful snowfall! But snow or no snow, I’m pretty sure I’ll be pretty merry this Christmas, because I’ll be home and it’s the first time Yasu gets to share it with us!

P.S. This might just be my last blog from Japan in 2007! Merry Christmas ;)!

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