Monday, December 17, 2007

Hanging out with university students

Today I was hanging out with the craziest Japanese friend I have: Maiko. She recently went to Australia for a home stay, but she’s been back for a while so it was about time to have do some serious catching up and hanging out!

So today she took me to her university in Nagoya. She’s graduating in March, which means that she’s free of classes now, yeah the Japanese university system doesn’t make much sense to me. But she still has her university ID so she could still enter all student-only areas, and have me tag along.

After a quick tour of the campus and a sneak peek into one of the university’s too-boring-to-attend-according-to-Maiko lectures, we went down to the cafeteria to get some really cheap (¥ 350) and tasty Japanese food.

Maiko wanted to check out this blog, so we went to one of the data-processing rooms the university has to pretend to be studying while we were really looking at my pictures and movies and eating chocolate. Which was a lot of fun, until a professor who had snuck into the computer room unnoticed (by us anyway) suddenly started teaching a class with us sitting in front of the classroom… We got out of there as quickly as we could!

The university has a building that is 75 meters high, and is named Building 75, which has a top floor heated observatory with couches and a great view of Nagoya. Looking down on the neighborhood, I was slightly shocked when I saw the next-door cemetery which is immensely large. I’ve never seen anything like it! This picture only captures part of the gigantic cemetary:

A couple of hours later we went up to the observatory again, to tease the couple trying to be romantic up there with our giggles and babbles and to enjoy the beautiful night view:

Around dinner time we met up with about 15 of her fellow students and one of her professors for an all-you-can-eat-and-drink party at a nearby restaurant. I was planted smack-dab in the middle of the table on a big pink pillow (we were sitting on the floor), so that everyone had a chance to try out their English on me. It was a lot of fun meeting all of her friends, even though a lot of them had problems conversing in English and I have big problems conversing in Japanese.

From left to right, all around the table: Mr. X (forgot his difficult name), Takamasa, me, Maiko, Yuka, Yuriko, Sayako, Real Pooh (his nickname because he resembles Winnie the Pooh), Asahi-san, Kenji, Misori, Nori, Kenta and Keisuke at Sakuraya. The professor had left by the time we took this picture.

After a long trip on three different trains, we ended up back in Inuyama just before midnight. Can’t wait to hang out with Maiko again! But first I’m going home for the holidays next week and after I return to Japan I have three Bon Jovi concerts to attend in Nagoya and Tokyo!


Yasu said...

It sounds lots of fun!! "As much as you can eat/drink" thing reminds me of my university times. Yeah everybody especially students love it! mwah

Louise said...

Jeetje... ik kan me niet voorstellen dat jij je verveelt daar in het verre Japan!!! Geweldig dat je het zo naar je zin hebt.
Hoewel vervelen...heb je nog gekeken op de ene leuke site waar je samen met Gui opzat, gisteren???
Tot zondag!!! Dikke vette kussen XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX je moemie.

Louana said...

Het komt ook niet vaak voor dat ik me verveel :). Misschien soms als ik in de trein naar Nagoya zit en ben vergeten een boek mee te nemen, maar dan vermaak ik me wel met het uitzicht of mijn medepassagiers.
Tot zondag! xx

Maiko said...

I really had fun with you.My freinds had fun too. I hope to hangout with you again. My mather said you are cute and want to meet you soon.
Have a sweet Xmas with Yasu and your family.
xoxo maiko