Thursday, December 13, 2007

Breaking dance after class

Break dancing is very popular in Japan, you can find a bunch of kids doing it at most train stations every night of the year. Yasu's brother Hiromasa is also very good at it, but he's not the only break-dancer I know, I also teach one. Kenta, one of my Thursday students, has been talking about it frequently before, during and after class. So last week, I asked him for a demonstration but he was wearing his business suit, as usual, so that wasn't really ideal for jumping up and down and hugging my classroom floor. But he said he would change before the next class and thus show up in his casual gear, all ready for some break dancing fun after class.

A bit shy even though he normally is pretty cheeky

I totally forgot about our deal, until Kristin yelled out from the lobby that Kenta was wearing his casual clothes today, which is so rare that it merits a load shout from a fellow teacher through the school to announce that fact. I hurried to the lobby to see the non-business Kenta and all of a sudden I remembered the reason! We were going to be treated to a break dancing show after class! Unfortunately, his CD didn't work on my crappy CD player, but he was still very impressive without his undoubtedly cool music:

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Minke said...

GAAF! Leuk dat hij zich aan zijn belofte hield. Ik wil wel meer filmpjes op je site zien;), zoals een paar van jou en Yasu hihi. Kus Minke