Friday, November 23, 2007

Kinkakuji temple

More than a month ago Yasu and I went to Kyoto. this was back in the day when my hair was still orange (as opposed to the black I’m sporting now) and it was still too hot to be comfortable outside. When we were there we visited one of Kyoto’s most famous sightseeing spots: Kinkakuji temple.

The name translates into golden building temple, which makes sense when you see the temple. The top two stories are covered with pure gold leaf. There is also a Ginkakuji (silver building temple) temple in Kyoto, which was inspired by this golden temple and supposed to be covered in silver but they never got around to it.

On top of the temple is a Chinese phoenix. That’s about all the information I have to share about this golden house. I mean of course it was a pretty sight and it was worth taking some pictures, but I’ve never really been interested in history. And most things you can do in Japan are admiring sights and buildings from Japanese history. I have seen quite a few already, they’re all starting to blend together.

Other things Japanese people like to do in their sparse free time: enjoy nature … Not really my thing either. Especially not since that activity is always paired with meeting many of Japanese most scary inhabitants: the terrifyingly huge (not exaggerating) bugs. This city girl really needs to get back to big city life… someday hopefully.

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Minke said...

Haha wat ben je toch grappig city girl. Ben toch blij dat je deze plekken bezoekt, waardoor deze culture/nature girl er lekker van kan genieten, door je woorden en je beelden! Grazie!