Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Sashimi is raw fish that you dip in soy sauce with wasabi before you eat it. That's right, it's very similar to sushi, I usually think of sashimi as sushi without the vinegared rice and mayonnaise (yeah for some reason the Japanese love mayonnaise on their sushi). The vinegared rice and mayonnaise are the reasons I don't like sushi, but I do love sashimi, especially salmon sashimi ;).

Then you see this picture and wonder what kind of fish is this? Well, it's not fish, it's raw horse meat... Very expensive and the quantity served is the bare minimum. It was interesting to try and less scary than the chicken (raw!) sashimi I have eaten by mistake before, but it wasn't very good. I think the chicken sashimi even tasted better, not that I will ever try raw chicken again, it just doesn't seem right or healthy. So sashimi actually isn't always fish, but I do suggest you stick to the fish version of sashimi because that is delicous, except for the boogers that call themselves shrimp sashimi.


Minke said...

Thanks for the advice!;) Brrrr, maar wel spannend.

Louise said...

Getvrrrr!! Alleen al het idee om rauw (paarden)vlees te proeven,laat staan om er een heel gerecht van weg te knauwen...YAK!!!