Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Changing colors

Officially it's autumn in Japan, it has been for a while, but it is still quite hot during the day. At night it's nice and cool though, sometimes even cold. I love it! The leaves haven't really been changing color yet and it's sometimes so hot that it can be hard to believe that it is really autumn. So the city of Inuyama has put up these beautiful fake colored leaves all over the city to remind us that autumn is really here, even though the real trees still have green leaves.

My hair has also changed color, again (see picture in my last blog). My roots were showing too well and I was never really comfortable as a semi-blonde, I just really wanted to be a brunette again. So last weekend, I dyed my own hair for the very first time in my life. Of course, I used a Japanese product and my Japanese boyfriend to translate every single word of the instructions. I was a bit nervous that my hair would turn out to be purple or green, but it ended up a slightly weird color of brown. Interestingly, almost nobody has noticed this sudden change of hair color though. There were only two students (female, obviously) who noted the difference and of course my mother. I guess returning to your (somewhat) natural look isn't quite as radical and people adjust to the change without even registering the transformation. Well, I'm happy I look a lot more natural again, and I don't resemble a big tangerine anymore!


Louise said...

Voor je vertrok naar Japan hadden je haren een mooie bruin-blonde kleur. Dat stond je echt goed. Je eigen kleur blijft jou altijd goed staan. En natuurlijk ziet je moemie dat ;-))!
Ik spreek je morgen weer!
Dikke vette kussen, XXXXXXXXX je moemie.

chantal said...

Hey Lou,

Ik vond je haren wel mooi hoor! Maar nu ben je weer de oude Lou.

Minke said...

Hihi, stiekem was het me ook meteen opgevallen op de foto (lees dus nu ook pas dit berichtje), ik dacht waar is die blonde dame gebleven?!;)
Cool, zelf gekleurd haha, stoere meid!