Friday, September 14, 2007

The aquarium

So last weekend Jen came over from Fujieda to celebrate her birthday in Nagoya. Eric, Kristin and I met up with her at Nagoya Station at 10:00, which is way too early for us teachers who normally don’t start working until the afternoon. But it was great to see Jen again, who unfortunately lives too far away to meet each other regularly. Adrik was also supposed to meet us there, but he went out until 7 AM the night (or morning) before and it was impossible to wake him with our phone calls. He later called us to let us know he woke up and would soon join us, but quickly fell asleep again until I called him an hour later.
Anyway, Jen had decided to pay the Nagoya Aquarium a visit and so off we went to find our train to Nagoya Port. We wanted to buy special all-day train passes, but I only had ¥10,000 bills (comparable to 100 dollar/euro bills), and the machine didn’t accept those bills. Luckily, there was an older man standing next to the machine to assist ignorant foreigners like me (and others), so he took the bill from my hand, gestured a bit, spoke Japanese and ran off. If this had happened in Europe, I would have started yelling and chasing him, but I was in Japan and felt perfectly comfortable and certain that the man would return speedily with my ¥10,000 in smaller banknotes. And of course he did!
After the nice man’s help we were off on our way to Nagoya Port to check out the dolphins and killer whale at the Aquarium. The first thing you see when you go in are loads of dolphins enjoying a swim in their tank, upside down… They looked really relaxed and I guess it just feels better than swimming normally, or maybe this is normal for them? Actually I also prefer swimming on my back, maybe I have some dolphin genes?

Outside (and upstairs obviously) you can see the same dolphins coming out of the water to greet all the curious visitors or doing a show with their friend the killer whale. The best trick the orca had up its sleeve (or fin) was purposely splashing the audience near the edge with gigantic waves of water! We were nowhere near the danger zone, so it was highly enjoyable for us but I really wondered whether the hundreds of handy cams, cell phones, and cameras in the first 10 rows were still functional after the whale had its fun.

Kids in Japan are just as busy as the adults in Japan, and have numerous of activities besides their regular school, e.g. cram schools, sports, club activities, music lessons, homework, and of course English schools like AEON. But Sunday is their day off and they can relax, for example at the Aquarium while seeing a dolphin show. But I think the Japanese feel uncomfortable when their kids aren’t learning, so they stopped the show to educate. The big screen above the pool showed mathematical formulas and diagrams of how dolphins see the red frisbee from underwater and how they calculate (consciously?) exactly where they need to emerge from the water to catch the round disc. I decided to take a picture of this peculiar lesson, but right when my camera snapped a shot of the screen the aquarium people chose to teach the kids about the foreigners that roam Japan instead. So my picture doesn’t show any dolphin math, but it does show a small group of non-Japanese people unsuccessfully trying to blend in.

After all the sea life excitement, we decided to make a little pit stop in Italy! Venice to be more precise... Or rather a tiny make-belief version of Venice, but to be honest it was kind of refreshing to be somewhere that resembles Europe, complete with some very non-Japanese men controlling the gondolas! We had some delicious seafood (what else?) pizza there, before we headed back to Japan to have Japanese food in a great izakaya somewhere in Nagoya.

It was great to see Jen again and do a lot of catching up. And it was fun to get a little drunk at the izakaya from the superhuge chu-hais, and later on with some cocktails at some Australian bar with some of Krisitin's friends. Luckily, I never get a hangover, so my free Monday was in no way ruined by Sundaynight's drinking fest!


Adrik said...

actually you called me both times, i never woke up on my own that day.. but it was fun, awesome pics btw!!

Louise said...

Euhm...excuse me? Never get a hangover? Okay, you are right... maar je kunt dan wel ontzettend giechelen en je word helemaal hyper! Weet je mallorca nog met je sangriaaaaaaa?! Zuiperd.
Nope, geen dolphins genes but a lot of Lia genes!!!!
Ghe ghe... xxxxxxxxxx je moemie.

Louana said...

Ow yeah, no doubt I can get really drunk! Like in Mallorca, that was fun, haha! But the next morning I was totally fine :).

Minke said...

Wow, Venice, I would like to see these non-japanese men controlling the gondola;)!
Lekker drinken meid;), ervan genieten!
Kussie, Minke

Minke said...

En trouwens wat een gave grote-scherm;) foto!! SUPER! xxx