Monday, August 20, 2007

The tiny gym

Yesterday, I finally went to the gym here! I have been so busy with work and traveling (either to Osaka to see Yasu or home to see my family), that I haven't had time to go to the gym and I was a bit nervous about going there in the first place. But yesterday I set out to discover the Inuyama gym. At home, I was spoilt with all the luxuries the David Lloyd gym had to offer, and I knew this kind of community gym would be very different and inferior, which is why I was nervous about going there for the most. In Veldhoven, I went to the gym on an almost daily basis, I want to do that here too, but if the gym is crappy it won't be very motivating, and there is no place else to go in this small city...

Well, the gym was even smaller than I feared and they have just a few cardio machines (but not my favorite: the crosstrainer) and a few weight machines... But they do have a studio and they have a high level aerobics class and high level stepsclass! I haven't seen these classes yet, so I am not sure whether they are as high a level as at David Lloyd, but at least it is promising. I wonder how I will do in a high level steps class, after not working out for almost 3 months (I feel so out of shape) and with a Japanese instructor... The steps instructors at home did a lot of explaining in Dutch during the lessons which is fine because I can understand that, but Japanese is another story. Well, it'll be a challenge for sure.

The gym-people were extremely nice, which is what I expected as this is Japan, and I had a pretty decent workout. So overall, the gym experience was good, but I really did miss my big-ass-luxurious-gym when I was working out yesterday. I'm afraid I will get bored here in no time because there is no variation in machines available, but maybe the aerobics and steps classes will be captivating enough. Another problem with this gym is that you have to pay per visit, which is extremely expensive if you want to go there at least 5 times a week... I really want some kind of membership but they didn't understand me when I was talking about it, so I'll try again next week when Yasu goes to the tiny gym with me.


Minke said...

Proud of you! Ga zo door!
Ik ga binnenkort ook weer wat doen, maar ja dat is iets makkelijker hier in Nederland;)!

Louise said...

Wat ik al eerder tegen je zei, ben kei trots op je dat je het lef hebt om toch maar ff een beetje te workouten in een ozo vreemde gym...
Ga zo door lieverd!!! XXXXX je moemie.

Chantal said...

Heej Lou,

Goed van je hoor om daar weer te beginnen met sporten. Zou willen dat ik het op kon brengen.
Wat een dicipline heb je toch!
Dikke Kus Chan

Yasu said...

Kisses for your first gym visit, but sucky that you have to pay every time. I'm going to talk to them this Sunday. mwah

Anonymous said...

Dag Louana,

This is the new Guy in your Family, Ik heb even een blik op je side genomen. Leuk je ontmoet te hebben. Jammer dat het zo kort was, Vond het fijn om zo gastvrij door jouw en Familie te zijn ontvangen. Ik zal je zeker volgen op je side. Veel sterkte In Japan en mischien to kerst ???
Chantals new boy friend