Friday, August 17, 2007

School decoration

During my shopping spree last Monday in Eindhoven, I bought this pretty map of the Netherlands to decorate the wall in my classroom with. I have been staring at it with many of my students already, and they all love it but not as much as I do!

And this is the sandwichboard I was talking about earlier, the one showing my (albeit tiny) picture standing on the sidewalk in front of our school.


Yasu said...

You are getting famous in Inuyama! and so is The Netherlands :) mwah

Louise said...

De Nederlandse kaart in Japan!!! Cool!!! Ziet er gaaf uit.
xxxxx je moemie.

Minke said...

Wat een gave mooie kaart hee!!!!
Beter dan die ik je had kunnen geven, super!