Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Going home!

Just got home from a very long day at work and dinner at Al Centro with Kristin, and now it's time to pack! Normally I start packing days before a big trip, but I haven't had the time the last couple of days with cleaning my apartment and preparing lessons. So now I am doing it last minute with only 6 hours left before I have to get up...
But it's all cool because I am going home tomorrow!! I can't really believe it though, it seems very surreal to me. I've kind of gotten used to life in Japan, especially since my homesickness vanished on June 29th. But now I'm actually going back to the Netherlands!! Naturally, I'm very excited :). Hope everyone has a great Obon vacation, I know I will!


Yasu said...

Dear my beautiful girl,
Have a safe trip! and have a great time!! mwah mwah mwah I love you so much Kisses

Minke said...

Gaaf gaaf gaaffffff!