Monday, July 16, 2007

Harry Potter, typhoon, earthquakes and lots of food

Saturdaynight, I hurried to the train station after work so that I could catch the Shinkansen out of Nagoya to Osaka, to spend the weekend with my boyfriend and his friends and relatives. This weekend some typhoon was going to hit Japan, so I was a bit nervous about sitting in a bullet train with some kind of Japanese hurricane blowing outside, but obviously nothing happened and I am still perfectly fine. Later I heard that the typhoon hit the Osaka area around midnight, when Yasu and I were safely enjoying Harry Potter 5 in a movie theater. The movie was great and it was cool to be able to watch a movie until 3 AM.
And.... I felt my first earthquake today! I was at Yasu's house talking to my mother on Skype when all of sudden the house started shaking and after a few waves it was perfectly still again. But I was still freaked out of my mind, of course! In the morning there had been a big earthquake in the North-West of Japan, but we slept through it, although Yasu's mom did feel it. The one I felt was just a small after shock... But hey at least I have that first earthquake (and first typhoon, although I didn't really notice that) behind me!

This is how the sky looked at Carrefour a day after the typhoon, very cloudy but a very pretty sight. On Sunday we slept in late and hung around Yasu's place for a long time before heading out to do some clothes shopping for Yasu at Uniqlo. It's a cheap but quite trendy shop and Yasu loves to save money so it was perfect for him. After that we went to pick up 5 of Yasu's friends (who are all very fluent in English, yay!) at the trainstation. Yasu has been talking me up to his friends for a long time and they all wanted to finally meet me to find out if I really was as nice as he told them ;).

Here we are with Teru, one of Yasu's best friends from college. I've actually already met him once 2.5 years ago when I visited Yasu in Japan. Teru works as an in-the-field cameraman for NHK news, must be a very exciting job! We went for dinner at a Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant in Amagasaki, and the food was really great!

These cute girls are Kei, Eri and Mari (from left to right). Kei works as a planner at a graphics design store, I'm so jealous. Eri works as a promoter for a cosmetics company, so she gets to try out lots of nice Japanese cosmetics, and Mari works as an office lady at her (and Yasu's) university, and she will become an aunt to her brother's soon to be born babygirl. Yasu and his friends treated me to this wonderful dinner, so thanks guys, it was great!

Here, we all are outside a Japanese Denny's after dessert. I wanted the do-it-yourself-group-picture another go, and I think it worked out, kind off... :)! It was really nice to meet Yasu's friends! They are all so fluent in English, so for once communicating wasn't hard and it's great to meet the people I've heard Yasu talk about for a long time!

This is a picture from the cake display at Amagasaki's Shotani Cake Shop. It looks and sounds like a fairytale in there, with the nice music and lovely cakes and pastries they sell there. Yasu wanted to buy a nice cake for his family to celebrate the fact that he got his first bonus at his job!

Then tonight Yasu parents took us and Hiromasa (Yasu's younger brother) out to dinner at a restaurant we refer to as the dirty aprin place because I have seen pictures of dinner there before and the teppanyaki cook's aprin isn't particularly clean :). But let me tell you, the food is freaking awesome there! They served way too much food but it was too good to pass up, so we all left there with more than full stomachs! Especially the steak with huge chunks of garlic was delicious!

For dessert (lovely sweet fruits) and a bowl of rice with salmon, seaweed and green tea (in the bowl with the rice) and coffee they escorted us to a room in the back which also had a karaoke machine! Of course we all had to sing a song! Here you can see Yasu's parents singing a Japanese song together, they were very cute.

And here you can see Hiromasa in action, who didn't really want to sing but we all managed to persuade him to sing a song! Yasu and I sang Have A Nice Day by Bon Jovi (who else) but I thought I would spare you guys that awful picture :):)! Yasu is leaving for the States soon for some seminar in Califronia, so I'm not going to see him for 6 weeks, I'm going to miss him so much! But in the meantime I'm going home for a few days so that'll be so awesome!


Yasuhiro said...

Yes that was a great weekend!! Harry Potter, Carrefour, Meeting my friends, Kurayoshi! I had always been wanting you to meet those friends of mine, so I am happy about it. They like you a lot and you do them too, right? That is happening to my parents too. As they see you more, they become to like you more. Yes , a nice cycle is going on here :) I'm going to go to the States but you will have internet soon, let's skype then. That will remind us of our old times. But I'm sure we will find it short to be apart each other in August, next time we see each other. mwah

Minke said...

Kus, Minke

Louise said...

Ik dacht, wat gebeurt er nou? Je keek zo ineens verschrikt, er loopt vast een monster of iets dergelijks rond...;-)...maar het was maar een kleine aardbeving! Duh! Komt zooooooooooo vaak voor daar...stelt niks voor toch?
Leuke mensen, lekker eten, gezellig babbelen. Wat wil je nog meer?!
Ghe ghe, aftellen Lou, nog 22 nachtjes... xxx je moemie.

Chantal said...


Leuke foto`s ! Jij past goed thuis bij de jappie`s,jij hebt ook van die leuke spleetoogjes hahahah
Dikke kus ( nog 3 weekjes....:-))

Adrik said...

i want to see the photo of you pumpin karaoke!

Marieke said...

Hey Lou,
how is Harry Potter 5??? I still haven't seen it, I'm reading the book again and want to finish it before seeing the movie.
And moreover...... my favourite Harry Potter friend is living on the other side of the world!!! Luckily my current house mate will take your place in the cinema but that won't be as great as seeing Harry Potter with you and discuss every line and image together during the movie!
kussie Marieke

Louana said...

Sorry Adrik ;)

Marieke, sorry about my absence ;), my Bon Jovi friends are also not happy about my absence... Honestly, me neither, but that's what happens when you move to the other side of the world.