Friday, June 01, 2007

Otsukare sama lunch

So today we went to lunch with Tanaka Kacho (see picture) and our three trainers Megan from the U.K. and Andy and Angie (see picture) from the States. I think it was kind of a fancy place for Japanese standards, but I really enjoy the atmosphere in the cheaper places, because they just seem more Japanese to me. I didn't really enjoy the food so much because most of it was covered in the kind of sauces we have in Europe too with either cream or tomato in it which I really don't like. Normally I would just try to scrape it of with some napkin, but when you're at lunch with the big boss that would just be rude, so I ate it. I did have a good time talking to Andy who has been living here for four years, got married to his Japanese wife two years ago and has one kid and one on the way. I found out a lot about how people get married and give birth in Japan, you never know when that information will come in handy ;). Apparently the guests at a wedding have to pay a hefty entrance fee and the couple has to host 3 parties, and the first week of his son's life he could only look at him through a glass window for 30 minutes each day, because he got of work after hospital visiting hours and they would not let him hold his own son outside of those visiting hours... I don't know how obedient I would have been in that case, but here they think shoganai (shit happens).
Check out the view from our training room on the ninth floor of the IMON building (see picture)! Today I taught another part of a lesson again, this time in front of two American fellow trainees. Things went well and I keep amazing myself at how calm I feel when I am teaching, none of those nerves that used to bug me during business presentations seem to bug anymore :). Tomorrow I have to teach a full 50 minute lesson to 4 Japanese AEON students (I have to start preparing soon) and tomorrow is my last day at adults training, on Monday 3 days of kids training will start and that should be fun! I also received a fax from the school in Inuyama today, wishing me all the best and letting me know they are looking forward to meeting me! So now I am going to run out to buy some bubblegum soda (sounds gross I know, but it is excellent) at the konbini across the street to enjoy during lesson planning. Yeah apparently I don't feel afraid to walk the streets at night in Nagoya, it's the weirdest thing!


Louise said...

Ai ai... die sausjes toch... heeeeeel dapper en errug politiek correct van je om het gewoon toch maar weg te knauwen!
We zijn blij te lezen dat je je heel goed thuis voelt daar in het voor ons zo verre Japan... dat je zelfs in het donker de straat op durft...pffff, een hele overwinning.
Binnenkort dus teachen aan kleine japannertjes... veel plezier!!!!
Dikke vette kus... Moem en Gui.

Yasu said...

Otsukare sama lunch, it is a great to way to teach words like that. Associating them to something people like such as "lunch" or "dinner" :)
Yes we often say "shoganai", you will hear more.
Nice view and looks so familiar for some reason. I'm coming there tomorrow.

Minke said...

Cool, zomaar in het donker de straat op! Kan me voorstellen dat het een lekker gevoel is!
Bubblegum yek hihi!