Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last weekend

Originally I was going to go to Osaka last weekend to visit my lovely boyfriend, but I had to work last Sunday so I rescheduled that visit to coming weekend! That's right this Saturday will be my first trip on the Shinkansen and then Yasu and I will spend two days in his parent's cottage in the mountains :)!

Sunday we had a kid's party at AEON and I was in charge of decorating puddings with the little monsters at our school. Fortunately they came in groups of 6, so it was kind of doable at times. Some kids were really cute and sweet, others threw spoons covered in pudding at me...

The kids here are sometimes too young to know what is going on, but they are all perfectly conditioned to make the peacesign whenever a camera appears. Good girl!

My mom requested some pictures of the rain here in Japan, because I told her how unbelievable it can be at times. This picture doesn't even begin to show what it can be like during rainy season in Japan, but it's all I've got. The other day I walked the 300 meters to the internet cafe with an umbrella and my clothes were soaked so badly that it looked like I had just gone swimming. But I dried up nicely in the internet cafe so no water puddles in my apartment.

On Monday, Adrik and Eric came down to Inuyama from Nagoya and brought Katie & Jen (also AEON teachers) and Maiko (AEON student) with them. We were heading for Monkey Park in the monorail and excited about seeing some monkeys and riding some rollercoasters.

We didn't ride any rollercoasters as most of the attractions simply looked to rusty to convince us that we would survive a trip on one, but as you can see the others did find some humongous bugs and dogs to ride. Simply hilarious :).

All AEON teachers have their own reasons for coming to Japan, and Adrik's was to visit Pokemon amusement park in Nagoya. Much to his dismay the park started moving around in Japan once he got here (and he has no idea where it is right now), but he found his version of heaven in Monkey Park: a Pokemon exhibition with Pikachu! Meeting Pikachu for Adrik is like meeting Jon Bon Jovi for me, so I was very happy for him.

Of course there were also monkeys at Monkey Park and here you can see Eric (a.k.a. Buck) enjoying a chat with one of them.

And in a park of monkeys the most interesting species will always be the homo sapiens a.k.a. human. See how the Katie-monkey is helping the Adrik-monkey get rid off his flees, aren't monkeys considerate? This was seriously the funniest and best attraction in the whole park!


Adrik said...

omg those kids are cuuute!!! :3 i cant believe you made one cry..

Louana said...

I'm just very talented :P