Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guess what!!

I have plans for Obon week! I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes!! After a dissapointing call to the local travel agency this afternoon, I was almost convinced it was impossible to find a flight out of Japan for Obon week. But I don't quickly give up so I spent some time online here in the internet cafe and found a flight to Frankfurt! And I booked it! With the help of the world's best boyfriend! Ow my god Yasu, you're so awesome! My sweet boyfriend has lent me the money for the flight because I haven't yet gathered the amount of money it needs to fly to Europe in Obon week. It's quite pricey but cheaper than I expected! In euros its about a 1000, in yen it's about 200,000. Too bad I'll be earning the money to pay Yasu back in Japan, but it's so totally worth it! So I'll be leaving here on August 9 on a Lufthansa flight straight to Frankfurt and I'll be back in Nagoya on the 15th. Sure it's a short week, but my birthday falls in that week and now I'll be spending it at home! Jippie! I'm so happy!!!! Even kids lessons and the whole garbage drama won't be able to get me down anymore! I am going to dance home now! See you soon land of Ducthies! :):):):)


Louise said...


Chantal said...

JOEPIE!!!! mijn lief nichtje komt een weekje naar huis toe. Dat gaat een geweldige verjaardag worden!
Geef Yasu maar een dikke kus.

Minke said...

Zin in!
En Yasu ook een dikke zoen van mij;)!

Yasuhiro said...

It is so heart-warming that as soon as they found out you are coming home, they gave you happy posts telling how much they are happy about it :) Enjoy the trip and love of your family my beautiful mwah