Saturday, June 02, 2007


So today was the last day of adults training! We all had fun teaching our full lesson to a big group of Japanese students (they are so cute, even the 48-year-old ones) in the afternoon and the rest of the hours spent at training were very lighthearted and so much laughing! We were so giggly and anything and everything made us start laughing again. I got a lot of information about my school in Inuyama and about life in Japan. At night we had a tiny graduation ceremony where we all received our AEON pins (to wear on our jackets while teaching) and our business cards! That's right, I got my own business cards now! How cool is that?!
After training we (all of us except Adrik who had to go to his school's welcome party) went on a little adventure through Nagoya station to find the right trainline to Fushimi (somewhere in Nagoya) to go to a genuine gaijin (foreigner) bar there. It took us a while to get on the right train and actually find the gaijin bar named Shooters, but we succeeded! The place was packed with foreigners and Japanese people and there was some big misunderstanding about a basketball game on TV which made Warren very unhappy, but the free tequila shots they gave us to sooth the pain made us all happy! We had some delicious burgers and a fair amount of alcohol and basically celebrated our night off! I just came back from a solo adventure on the train from Fushimi back to Nagoya, because I have to get up in time tomorrow (Yasu'll be here in the morning). But Jen, Eric, Steve and Warren went clubbing somewhere in Nagoya and they might just stay out until 6 A.M. because that's when the trains start running again.


Minke said...

Business cards gaaaaffff haha! Leuk om te weten dat je dit een uurtje geleden hebt geschreven! Veel plezier met Yasu!
En Louana stappend haha, geweldig, ben blij dat je zo geniet!

Yasuhiro said...

It looks you all had a fun at the bar. And it was a good decision to come home earlier to get up before I come to Nagoya. We had a such a great day today :) mwah