Sunday, June 03, 2007

A day off

So today was our day off (not really because I have to read more than 50 pages for tomorrow's kids training and do some assignments), but at least we didn't have to go to the head office wearing those wretched suits and uncomfortable shoes. Yasu came to Nagoya by car and brought me some honey cake and something which he called shoecake or something from Shotani in Amagasaki... what a nice boyfriend! Yasu took the 6 of us to Nagoya Castle for some sightseeing. We went to lunch at a restaurant next to the castle grounds and I ordered some kind of eel dish (see picture) with lots of interesting extras, like Nagoya's noodle specialty kishimen and some kind of clear cold noodles (which tasted kind of like plastic) to be dipped in some honey sauce. It was really good and it was very much! It was impossible to finish. Yasu helped all of us order our food and it is quite nice to have a translator at the table who can help us communicate with the waitress and give us some idea of what you're actually ordering. Before we went to the castle we went to a big department store to order our hankos (a.k.a. inkan) which are stamps that you use as a signature in Japan. We all had to have our name (in Japanese) carved into it, and Yasu helped all of us get the right information on the stamp. I have no idea how we would have done it without him.
After our big lunch (see picture) we quickly went into Nagoya Castle as it was about to close and got a quick peek at Nagoya from the top of the tower and did some further sightseeing and crazy stuff, like Jen and Adrik posing as Japanese princesses or something (see picture). It was fun to see something more Japanese than the inside of AEON head office. And after our castle trip Yasu drove us to a local supermarket where we all stocked up on fruit! It is almost impossible to find fruit here in the business district and if you do find it is ridiculously overpriced. Since my arrival I haven't eaten any fruit... Maybe that's why I'm starting to feel ill a bit, but I bought 4 huge apples at the supermarket and they are going to be my breakfast for the rest of training.
After all that fun in a Japanese high-tech minivan he dropped everybody of at the hotel and went back to Amagasaki (which is like 2.5 hours away by car). We went to dinner at some izakaya (Japanese bar) around the corner and had some great yakitori and fried squid, before having to jump back into training mode. 3 more days and I get to move to Inuyama into my own (tiny 8 tatami-mat) apartment. I'm very curious what it will be like and it will be great to really unpack and have a washer and closet for my clothes!


Yasuhiro said...

It was a fun dayoff :) Though making 6 stamps was tough. Then I got to see Nagoya castle, which looked so beautiful. The eel thing you had is called "Hitsumabushi", Nagoya's popular food. I have not tried that yet, so maybe next time I'm gonna have that. mwah

Minke said...

It all sounds very relaxing, a good day off!
Nice to have been together like this.
Good luck with the kids;)!

Louise said...

Hey poepie!
Een gezellig dagje uit was ook wel een keertje nodig... ocharme Yasu, 't ventje bleef auto rijden heej.
Ben benieuwd straks naar de belevenissen met de kleine japannertjes!!
XXX Moem.