Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bon Jovi in Stuttgart ~ Canstatter Wasen (May 27, 2006)

Guido’s birthday was May 25th, and my mother had a very special birthday present for him: a weekend in Stuttgart, Germany including a Bon Jovi concert! And lucky Gyano and lucky me, were allowed to join the trip! So Nijmegen was not my last concert after all! And this one was still in May, so I wasn't breaking my own thesis rules either.
Stuttgart is a long drive away from where we live so we left very early in the morning arriving at our hotel in Stuttgart somewhere in the early afternoon. We all freshened up and took the S-Bahn to the Canstatter Wasen in the center of Stuttgart. I have been to many Bon Jovi concerts but I have never seen anything like this before, they over organized the streams of people in such a way that it looked like total chaos. They made all the thousands of people walk through several streets of city center until finally being steered towards the entrance of a huge field. It seemed to take ages to get from the train station at the Canstatter Wasen to the entrance of the concert field. They first led us all away from the field through the city and then after a long walk we had to make two rights (that’s right, so we were walking back in a parallel street) until we arrived back at Canstatter Wasen. I have no idea what the point was, maybe they were trying to impress all the Bon Jovi tourists with the beauty of their city? Well, it didn’t work. And this wasn’t the only point of frustration, later in the pit the German security forced everybody behind some plastic line, effectively cutting the size of the pit in half and we were all getting very intimate with strangers because of it. Normally I wouldn’t be so frustrated with weirdly behaving security because there will be other concerts to make up for it and make me forget about the nonsense rules that the local security made up. But this was the first and probably only time I was at a Bon Jovi concert with my parents and brother and I wanted them to have a great experience.
The birthday certificate Guido got for his birthday
Minke lend me her fanclub membercard, so Gyano could use it to enter the concert field before the masses of people outside did. So Gyano and I went inside an hour before my parents who used the regular entrance. Gyano and I went to check out the pit and to find Mike Devlin (Bon Jovi’s stage manager), because he arranged pit wristbands and onstage wristbands for the four of us. I had not told Gyano or Guido about this arrangement, only my mother knew and we decided to keep it a surprise for the men. But Gyano was there when I met up with Mike, and he was quite puzzled about me talking to this Bon Jovi crew guy like I knew him and even more so when that man handed me a handfull of wristbands. Naturally, Gyano was very happy when he found out what was going on. Later when my parents finally got onto the concert field, it was time to surprise Guido with the wristbands, and he went slightly nuts with happiness! He did a little dance and some jumping around because he was quite excited about the whole pit and onstage thing! Thank you Mike Devlin for allowing Minke and I to bring so much happiness to our families (Minke’s brother and his girlfriend were onstage with us in Nijmegen)!
Look at how happy Gyano, my mother and Guido are with the wristbands
This is my happy family on the Bon Jovi stage. Thank you Mike!
Cool view!
The view from under the stage
The concert was magnificent again and they sang many special (to me) songs like, the dark ‘I Want To Be Loved’, the all-mighty ‘Complicated’ and they ended with ‘Never Say Goodbye’ always a good tearjerker, especially at the end of your last concert (like during the 2003 tour). We had a great time on the stage and my family did not have enough eyes to take it all in and experience everything, especially the thousands of people in the field going crazy.
The setlist
Jon on the bridge
When we were dancing on the stage I suddenly felt someone touch my leg, it was Chris Hofschneider a.k.a. Lumpy! He saw me dancing onstage (again) and came to say hi from under the stage. Later he came back with a little present for me: one of Richie’s guitar picks!! Can you imagine how happy he made me? Deliriously happy!! I was already jumping up and down during ‘Bounce’ but now my jumps were even more frantic and frequent! Thank you, Chris! You rock!

Richie's guitar pick! Thank you Chris!

Can you see me making pictures of Jon Bon Jovi (Guido is standing next to me)?
"Raise Your Hands"
Bye bye Bon Jovi
After the concert we went back to our hotel (after a tediously long walk through the city again, but nothing could ruin my happiness anymore) and relaxed with some cocktails, and the next day we did some Starbucking and sightseeing in Stuttgart before heading home. And that ended my 2006 Have A Nice Day Tour, it was unforgettable!
01. Last Man Standing 02. You Give Love A Bad Name 03. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars 04. Born To Be My Baby 05. The Story Of My Life 06. Complicated 07. I'd Die For You (ONSTAGE) 08. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight (ONSTAGE) 09. Bounce (ONSTAGE) 10. Wild In The Streets 11. In These Arms 12. Have A Nice Day 13. Who Says You Can't Go Home 14. It's My Life 15. I'll Be There For You (Richie) 16. Bad Medicine / Shout 17. Raise Your Hands 18. Livin' On A Prayer 19. I Want To Be Loved 20. Bells Of Freedom 21. Someday I'll Be Saturdaynight 22. Wanted Dead Or Alive 23. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 24. Keep The Faith 25. Never Say Goodbye

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yumiko said...

hi!i'm yumiko.(new student of AEON)i saw your BONJOVI's record and i enjoyed
a lot.
i can understand that you had really great time and experiences from your
pictures and blog.
i was sooo excited seeing pictures of your BJ .
(after all i like jon's style in BOUNCE & Have a nice daytour)
''Jon on the bridge''did you took this ?wow!!
i love it.and i want to thank you for the screen of " bed of roses''.
you and your fiends are really lucky that you could get the conection with
bon jovi's management stuff.
i think you gave a really great present to your family.
thank you for telling me your home page.
see you next week!!
i could hear "always'' at naogoya2003?(sorry, i'm not sure)when i heard it.
i cried.i love that song too.i hope you'll here it nex concert.