Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Recently my younger brother Gyano has taken up basketball. He is in the schoolteam and yesterday was his first basketball tournament. I had to go to work, so I didn't really have time to make an appearance as one of his cheering fans, but this may be his only tournament before I depart to Japan, so I was compelled to go anyway.

Some of the girls of the school's female basketball team
My mother and I went to watch him play for 20 minutes, which wasn't even enough to see him finish the first half of his first match of the day. He played three games that day, and his team only lost the first one, which was the one we saw partly. But it was still fun to see.

Gyano (the only one wearing black) in action

My mom really got into the game and actually tensed up when the other team was getting near the basket of Gy's team, and only when she (silently) yelled out "yes" I realized Gyano's team had scored a goal too. I on the other hand wasn't really aware what was going on in the game itself, I was trying to take pictures of my brother playing basketball. But he played on the court furthest away from the bleachers, so I couldn't really get a good shot.

Gyano's team was playing on the court all the way in the back

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Yasuhiro said...

This looks fun and Gy seems to have enjoyed it a lot. And great, his team is strong :) mwah