Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bon Jovi in Düsseldorf ~ LTU Arena (May 13, 2006)

Finally, three years after the Bounce tour Bon Jovi was back in Europe with the 'Have A Nice Day' tour! Of course Minke and I were very excited and wanted to go to a record number of concerts this year. I write wanted, because we were unable to actually do that :(. Back then, I had no income at all because I quit my job somewhere in August 2005 after moving from Maastricht to Belgium, so I paid for my concert tickets with money I earned by selling my belongings (that I cannot move with me to Japan anyway) online.
Also I was in the middle of writing my Master Thesis (very important because in order to get a working-visa for Japan I had to graduate this year) and this Bon Jovi tour was smack-dab in the middle of my 3 months of thesis writing time. I ended up writing my thesis in 2 months (April & June) instead of 3, because Bon Jovi kept me busy in May. We actually prepared to go to a June concert as well, but I had to cancel it because my thesis deserved some of my time and attention too, but don't worry my thesis was awarded with a whopping grade 9, and my thesis supervisor was very impressed that I wrote it in only 3 months, as far as he knows ;).
So with a severe shortage of time and money on my part, and with Minke also having scarce resources in those areas, we had to settle for 'only' 3 concerts this tour. But we were determined to enjoy them to the fullest!

Minke almost in front of the fanclub line after a night of sleeping on the street

Our first concert was in the LTU arena in Düsseldorf. What we did during previous tours was go to the venue the day before the concert and camp out until the next day, so that we would be somewhere in the front of the fanclubline, and therefore be amongst the first to receive pit (the area right in front of the stage) wristbands and the first to enter the stadium and pit securing a spot on the first row. This always works out as planned and we have already enjoyed many concerts within smelling distance of Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora ;)!

The rest of the fanclubline behind us: all the way in the end it bends to the left and continues even further
So this is exactly what we did in Düsseldorf, we arrived early, met the same people we meet every concert every tour (sometimes pleasant, sometimes annoying), slept outside, waited in line for over 24 hours, received our wristbands, secured a spot on the front row and enjoyed an awesome Bon Jovi concert! By the way, the line you see in the picture is just people from the fanclub, the other tens of thousands of people were lining up outside other entrances of the stadium. The fanclub has a seperate entrance because we are allowed to enter the stadium about 30-60 min before the rest, yes that is right, it pays to be a member of that club!

Minke & Lou (holding up a camera) on front row (in the yellow circle)
Besides the awesome view, the nice thing about standing on front row is being able to make some very nicely detailed and upclose pictures of the band members. Completely irrelevant to you non Bon Jovi fans, but the absolute highlights of this concert were 'Bells Of Freedom' and of course 'Dry County' (utter surprise and a tear generator)!

Jon in flymode
After a great experience we went home satisfied, but we were wondering if we were getting too old to do the 'sleeping outside and waiting for two days' thing. Mind you, there are more than enough people doing that who are many years older than we are, but we kind of felt like we have had enough of it. It is awesome to stand on front row, but if we show up on the day of the concert a few hours before the show starts, our fanclubmembership would still get us into the pit, ensuring us of a great view anyway. Big advantage would be an enormously reduced amount of stress, because lining up with the fanclub means you have to put up with the egos of many important (self-proclaimed and self-maintained) fellow fanclubmembers and the bickering between them.

Richie singing Novocaine
01. Last Man Standing 02. You Give Love A Bad Name 03. Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars 04. I'd Die For You 05. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight 06. Novocaine 07. Everyday 08. Born To Be My Baby 09. The Story Of My Life 10. Joey 11. In These Arms 12. Have A Nice Day 13. Who Says You Can't Go Home 14. It's My Life 15. I'll Be There For You (Richie) 16. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night 17. Keep The Faith / Sympathy For The Devil 18. Bad Medicine 19. Raise Your Hands 20. Livin' On A Prayer 21. Bells Of Freedom 22. Runaway 23. Sleep When I'm Dead 24. Dry County 25. Wanted Dead Or Alive 26. Treat Her Right


Minke said...

Cooollll!!! Nog niet eerder gezien! (wist ook niet van dit blog af;), leuk om Yasu te zien, met zijn filmpje)
Nog niet helemaal gelezen, maar ga ik snel doen!
Kus, Minke

Minke said...

Heerlijk om het weer helemaal terug te lezen, zit er weer helemaal in. Wat doen wij toch een leuke gave dingen samen! Belllsss of Freedom!;)
(of heb je liever dat ik in het engels reageer?!)